Call for action – call for contributions

mosaic2The Feminist Poster Project is a new initiative to encourage designing, printing, sharing and distributing feminist posters and putting up them in public places. Sexist advertisement and misogynist media are all around us. If we want to fight this patriarchal propaganda, we have to produce our own images and messages. I would like to see feminist posters on walls, feminist signs over sexist ads, feminist stickers on street signs and feminist postcards in our letterboxes. I would like to see a change in our environments and a change in people’s minds. I hope the Feminist Poster Project can help to achieve this.

Take a look at:

As an online poster network, the Feminist Poster Project offers a space for showing, exchanging and downloading feminist posters, postcards and stickers. Anyone can use the posters for non-commercial purposes such as actions, DIY media and home decoration and anyone can contribute their own creations. On the website you can find – apart from inspiring examples of feminist graphic art – several DIY guides and links on how to make your own posters, mix wheat paste, use print techniques and organise actions. The Feminist Poster Project supports the do-it-yourself idea and welcomes your contributions!

Besides building the online archive and network, the Feminist Poster Project intends to organise workshops on poster making and participate in poster actions and exhibitions. Activities will be announced on the website.

The Feminist Poster Project is always looking for more feminist posters, postcards and stickers in pdf. The designs can be in any language, in any style/technique and about any feminist theme/subject. The contributions need to be copyleft or have a copyright license that allows people to print and reproduce them (under your conditions). Send your contribution(s) to loseluna (at) For detailed submission information, click here: Also tips for DIY how-to-create poster-art guides and links to feminist poster collectives are welcome!

I hope the poster/postcard/sticker designs on the website can be useful and inspiring for you and that the project will continue to grow.

Enjoy looking through the online archive! Comments are welcome!

The Feminist Poster Project

(Please pass on this call to interested people)


8 thoughts on “Call for action – call for contributions

  1. Hi Laura,
    thank you for your comment and for writing about the Feminist Poster Project on the Subtext magazine website! Looks like a great magazine! I heard about it from the grassroots feminism website.

  2. Hi!
    i have allot of material that could fit this project
    im a bit new to computers and so i can send the staf over but i cant be sure if its in the right size would that work for you?
    plz let me know,

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