Poster – I don’t shave my legs

i dont shave my legsMade by: Nina

What? “I don’t shave my legs. So what?” A personal and political reflection on shaving leg hair – or not. Main message: love your body, love your body hair!

Language: English

Copyleft: Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike

Download: idontshavemylegs-poster (pdf)


11 thoughts on “Poster – I don’t shave my legs

  1. Thank you…. I was almost crying as I read this poster… every summer my dad tries to wear me down and convince me to shave my legs – blaming everything from my mother’ regrets to my own teenage rebelliousness for my refusal to bow down to “normal”. He won’t accept that while I do see my choice as resistance to conformity/patriarchy, the real reason I don’t shave my legs is that I just don’t see the point.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you, for showing my I’m not alone.

  2. I love this poster. I don’t shave my legs (or underarms). I hate it and well I don’t have time. My husband doesn’t mind (he gets what he wants and the hair doesn’t get in the way). When people (especially women) find out they look at me strange and say “I could never do that omg!” Whatever, I love who I am and what I choose for myself and what makes me comfortable.

  3. I also think that when you reach puberty you grow hair on your underarms and pubic area, which shows you are now of a sexual age. If you shave this hair, you are making men admire a child-like body. No wonder there are so many paedophiles.

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