Stickers / Posters – Genderpoo

Made by: Coco Riot

What? “Using bathroom signs forms, the Genderpoo project aims to question the public who and how we belong to society standards and to pay a homage to every one and each of these identities, communities and people who fight for social justice and anti-oppression values. As long as there will be organizers and social fighters, the project will be growing, happy not to be ever done. Coco Riot attacks binary systems that divide individuals in two categories: normal/others.
Genderpoo started as a project that wanted to question the social division of man/woman, using restrooms as metaphors of the social western binary system of gender, and it has evolved into a more ambitious project growing under anti-oppression values. This project was born out of Coco’s personal experience on public washrooms, and it grows and evolves through discussions with different friends and people living different realities. For now, Coco has created more than 80 different bathroom signs and animation film. They are very simple signs that do not aim to represent the whole complexities of peoples struggles. This is a never ending project, as our understanding of oppressions and privileges is a never-ending process. Communities and experiences in Genderpoo are not represented as victims, this a homage to their/our struggle and fight.”

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Download69POC (pdf) fauteuil (pdf) femmepoilue (pdf) hiv (pdf) kingPOC (pdf) nonne (pdf) question (pdf) transgender (pdf) sirena (pdf) genderpoostickers1 (stickersheet all except femmepoilue in pdf) genderpoostickers2 (stickersheet femmepoilue in pdf)


4 thoughts on “Stickers / Posters – Genderpoo

  1. Genderpoo started as a project that wanted to question the social division of man/woman, using restrooms as metaphors of the social western binary system of gender

    Bathrooms are actually SEX segregated due to both the quantity of male violence against females and the quality of harm males can (and do) cause females by raping them (impregnation, donchya know). Sex and gender are two different concepts that aren’t even spelled alike or sound alike. I don’t understand why they are being used interchangeably?

  2. I don’t agree that bathrooms are SEX segregated, they are GENDER segregated as long as nobody ask you to get naked and show your chromosoma id (which is still not a prove that sex is not as culturally constructed as gender…).
    People do read peoples’ gender in bathrooms, not peoples’ sex: it’s thorugh the analysis of your appearance, your movements, your clothes, your features that people classify you as belonging to one or other gender. People actually do not see your sex, they see your gender and they make very fast asumptions about your sex based on what they perceive as your gender.
    You are right, sex and gender are two different concepts, but disagreeing with you, i will say that bathroom have to do with gender, not with sex.

    Genderpoo is not about sex, it is about gender 9but not only)
    First, this is about personal experience of many folks who cannot or wish not to pass as females but still feel terribly insecure in male bathroom as they do not identify as male (for example many genderqueer and butch folks). It is also about MtF being at total risk in any bathroom. It is about faggots being abused in male bathrooms, Etc. It is not only about “women and men”, the central point of the project is that “women and men” do not cover all the possibilities of our genders, but we are still constriced to them. Bathroom are a very easy to understand metaphore of what happens in our society when we do not pass as male or female gender, or when do not fold 100% into them. So take it as it is proposed in the project: bathrooms are a metaphore of how society box people, and these signs aim to visibilize and offer a never ending range of possibilities that do question and fight society system of oppression,
    Second. With bathroom there are many possibilities to be less oppressive with everyone. Neutral-gender bathroom (as they exist already in many places, like small businesses but also some universities and community spaces) are one of them. Indivudual bathrooms are another. Trans bathrooms are another. So Genderpoo is not at all about refusing to see violence by males against women, it is about visibilizing communities and identities who live violence. There are multiple responses to how fight that violence because there are multiple contexts and ways that the violence is expressed and lived. There are multiple information of strategies that people have put in place to deal with bathroom issues. Again, genderpoo uses bathrooms as a metaphore of our society not as a central point of discussion (i’d rather discuss the signs that the bathrooms).
    Third. This is project is about deconstructing binary system of gender, but most of all, it is about deconstructing and-or fighting other forms of oppression, like racism, classism, and ableism and how this oppressions intersect. Some signs deal with gender, but the majority of the 80 that exist talks about other system of oppression aswell as the way those oppressions intertwined.
    Four. This is a project about being proud, being visible and occupying the space in order to question society systems of oppressions. It doesn’t aim to give you answers about what you should think, but about what you should question around you and within you.

  3. Well, gender is relatively a new concept coined by the feminist movement within the last century. The original intent of separate bathrooms was undeniably about separating the SEXES for both privacy/modesty and safety.

    Also, it seems that MALE VIOLENCE is the primary concern for both females and trans persons. Which is *exactly* why having separate bathrooms for females, away from males, is necessary. As I said, impregnation (quality of harm) in conjunction with the frequency of male violence (quantity of harm) cannot be disregarded in favor of some people’s desire to see “men” and “women” as THE SAME.

    Btw, I do support single-stall sex-neutral bathrooms.

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