Postcard – have a happy women’s day

womensdayMade by: Nina

What? “Women’s Day postcard made in 2011”

Language: English

Copyleft: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

Downloadpostcards-x4-haveahappywomensday (pdf)

2 thoughts on “Postcard – have a happy women’s day

  1. Hello from Brussels, Ixelles,

    Some news about the life of feminist posters at exhibition about Brussels grafitti and urban art at “Musée d’ixelles”;

    I could install some photos of posters seen in the street the day of the inauguration (June 15) without autorisation and 48 hours laters when I came back the A3 photos where still at the same place on the ground.

    QUESTION: please letme know if it’s possible to speak with some feminist in Brussels to see what could be done. I was thinking printing postcards or post with your link. It has to be very suimple as i ma not an expert for printing.

    + Two photos of posters from cuba I would be pleased to see published in feminist poster project blog:
    NB: i willsend them with a better resolution and in JPEG if you think it’s usefull.
    I do not have pdfmaker.



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