What is the Feminist Poster Project?

The Feminist Poster Project wishes to support feminist poster making by offering a space where feminist posters are collected and archived. All posters on this website are available for downloading in pdf and can be printed easily.

Contributions of poster designs, postcards and stickers are highly encouraged. We hope to expand our online archive to a lively library which offers posters on different subjects related to feminism, gender, emancipation and sexism.

We aim for a counter-balance against sexist messages we see everywhere on the street and in the media. More feminist images and messages are needed! Ultimately we like to see sexist publicity disappear and be replaced by non-commercial feminist creations.


Obviously, we don’t want to encourage any illegal activity but we do support feminist art projects, creativity and home decoration.

3 thoughts on “Info

  1. Thanks! The website isn’t finished yet. I still have to adjust/add some of the info and links and then I’ll advertise it and send out a call for more posters. I’m already curious for the response. 🙂 Maybe I could make a poster of your DIY feminist manifesto from your Feminist Memory blog?

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