We want your contributions!

What are we looking for?

Posters, stickers or postcards with (radical) feminist themes, subjects, attitude and spirit.
Posters, stickers or postcards that can be used for feminist actions and propaganda.
Posters, stickers or postcards made in any style or technique (for example markers, pen, paint, silkscreen, etching, block printed, patchwork, photographic, digital, etc), in colour or black & white.


Contributed posters/postcards/stickers should be allowed to be shared on this website and printed for non-commercial purposes. Specify your copyright wishes or mention your Creative Commons license.


  • Send your designs as a pdf-file. The format of posters should be A4 or larger in at least 300 dpi. In the case of postcards or stickers, put several of them on one A4 sheet so they are easy to print without wasting too much paper.
  • Send along a tumbnail image (width = 200 pixels).
  • Write some info about the poster in English.
  • Include your name (the name of the artist/designer or poster collective) and website if you have one.
  • Text in the poster can be in any language. Send along a translation in English if your poster’s text is in another language. Mention the language of the text in the poster.

Send everything to our email address.

Some rules

  • Of course: no racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic images/messages.
  • No promotion of porn culture, the prostitution industry or beauty standards. No “post-feminist” bla bla.
  • No posters/postcards/stickers that announce events or projects or advertise specific businesses or products, however radical and feminist they are. The posters/postcards/stickers for this project should be more or less timeless and should be easy to use and reproduce by anyone without losing its meaning.

We don’t base our selection on your ability to draw perfectly, as long as the image/poster is clear, it’s fine. Your poster can also contain only text without any images, or you can ask someone to co-operate with you and make a drawing for you. In any way, the message and your participation is what counts. We’re convinced that anyone can produce creative posters, postcards or stickers!

7 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. “No promotion of (…) the prostitution industry ”
    Sorry but it’s not clear for me.
    Does it mean no support to sex workers in a feminist way ? or no promotion of “industry” ?
    I really need an answer to know if i want to/can contribute.
    Thank you !

  2. Hi, it just means no promotion for those who make money out of prostitutes/sex workers and for the industry itself. and no glorification of “sex work”. support for prostitutes/sex workers is of course great!

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